Galápagos>Marquesas 07-08-2011 (Day 5, 23:59 UTC): DTF 1904nm (02:50.3S 107:43.7W)

Vries Peter Pons
Mon 8 Aug 2011 00:21
TWS: 8-25kt (15-20)
TWD: 120-140 (120-140)
TWA: 110-160 (130-150)
AWA: 80-135 (120-130)
HDG: 220-290 (270-290)
COG: 220-290 (270-290)
Drift: 235-270 (230-240) at 1-1.5kts
Data average over last 24hrs and between () is now.

DTF: 1904nm
Track: 1031nm
Trip: 958nm

Light winds between 8-12 knots from yesterday afternoon to very early this
morning, which forced us as much south as 03:10S. And then, with calm seas
the wind picked up to 20-25 kts and we started doing 9-10 kts (at some point
in time Aquamante with all her 30 tons of glory did 10.6kts surfing down a
wave) in a slightly north of westerly direction, as wished for, with, as
promised, a westerly current of some 1.5kts, whilst the champagne flutes did
not fall over (so to speak). That is enjoying the pleasures of the Pacific
tradewinds, quoting one of my weather gurus. Did some 105nm in 11 hours,
which would translate into 229nm over 24 hours or a 9,5 kts average. Enough
said about the weather, as we had an extensive discussion by mail between
yesterday and today how to approach the lighter winds on our way and when
the gybe is supposed to occur. BTW, guys, sometimes my blog/mails might seem
slightly asynchronous with yours, but that is only because I download your
mails at the same time I send out mine. Not an issue though.

With the calm seas we managed to sleep very well, even though we were
travelling at the speed of light. Our watches limit themselves to a 5 min
peek around every hour or so, or when a change in noises wakes us up to make
us aware of a change in wind strength.

Both very much into reading right now, as you really feel you have time for
that, but we feel none of the boredom others described (as much as
re-reading the stickers on the foodcans), simply no time. I've been busy
discussing navigational strategy with Peter and Weynand, while Daph has
prepared yoghurt and made delicious banana bread. And just staring out over
the endless, meanwhile pretty rough, seas, racing into a patch of dark
clouds with Gidon Kremer's "Hommage to Piazzolla" in the background (ok, a
bit sentimental, but the feeling is real) makes you feel melancholic, but by
no means bored.