Galápagos>Marquesas 13-08-2011 (Day 11, 23:0 0UTC): DTF 777nm (07:55.0S 125:53.7W)

Vries Peter Pons
Sat 13 Aug 2011 23:26
DTF: 777nm
Track: 2177nm
Trip: 2026nm

TWS: 15-30kt (17-27)
TWD: 90-120 (100-120)
TWA: 130-150 (140-150)
AWA: 115-125 (115-125)
HDG: 240-260 (250-270)
COG: 240-265 (250-265)
Drift: 0-360 at 1.0kt
Data average over last 24hrs and between () is now.

First moderate squall (very local gale/storm with rain and lots of wind)
with max. winds of 32kts at sunset yesterday evening. Reefed the sails,
although a bit late, as we could not clearly recognize it from the cloud
formation, which you can in the Atlantic/Caribbean. No Man Over Board, but
afterwards you always review and have to say: if you think of reefing, reef!
The whole night very gusty winds (no real squalls) with wind speeds up to
32knots and high waves, not exactly a comfortable ride, but you do keep your
speed. Therefore we continued sailing with one reef in the main and the
genoa reefed variably (depending on the wind speed at that moment), as that
is a "finger pushing two buttons" exercise from the cockpit.

Must have been full moon, so lots of light, which was a bit eerie with the
high winds and waves, but spectacular nonetheless.

Thus far today we kept high winds between 17-27kts, but more constantly
blowing, and high, relatively short waves of 3-4m.

First VHF contact with a boat, called Kaimimoana, heading for Papeete,
Tahiti. Turns out to be an American (Hawaiian?) oceanic research vessel,
checking the buoys at the equator. Lady not much of a talker, but she gave
us some useful weather info. They passed behind us at some 13nm distance,
never saw them.

Salmon gravelax with scrambled eggs for lunch, possibly more variety in our
food than many people at home could wish for.