Taboga 26-27 March 2011

Vries Peter Pons
Sat 26 Mar 2011 18:00

Taboga (26-27/4/2011, 08:47.9N 79:33.2W)


After a busy week we decide to take the weekend off and head for Taboga, a former pirate hideout and in more recent times the place where the French hospitalized the Panama Canal construction workers to recover from malaria and yellow fever. Most did not, another reason the French never managed to finish the job, but notably one did: Paul Gauguin. The 7nm trip also allows us to run the watermaker, which is not a wise thing to do at Las Brisas, the sewer of the whole of Panama City.


Dinner with Tim, Steph, Finn, Sam of SY Bonaire and Enoch and Annelies of SY Gabber.

The next day a short walk over part of the island, only to realize that it is way to hot to walk, and that lunch is a welcome alternative.

m_2011-03-27 Taboga 008m_2011-03-27 Taboga 005m_2011-03-27 Taboga 002


Back to Las Brisas, Panama City in the evening.