Off to Vulaga, Southern Lau Group

Vries Peter Pons
Tue 12 Aug 2014 13:06

Tomorrow morning early 13/8 we're off to Vulaga, part of the Southern Lau Group in the southeast part of Fiji. It comes highly recommended by other cruiser friends, in fact most find it the most beautiful place in the entire Pacific, and the pictures we've seen thus far are simply stunning (picture attached courtesy of SY Bright Angel).


xzh4vc02 (500x333).jpg


No electricity, no shops, definitely no internet or cell phones, so we'll be off the grid for a while. Until two years ago no yachts were allowed to go there. Sat phone should work, so we'll be able to send and receive small size e-mails, can't leave the modern world behind entirely and it is nice to be able to check on weather. Trip some 200nm, wind on the nose, but it should come down a bit in strength, probably we'll have to motor most of the way. Tricky passage to enter the lagoon, but we've been briefed on that over and over again, so it should all go well.