Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga (18:39.1S 173:59.2W): September 22, 2012

Vries Peter Pons
Sun 30 Sep 2012 23:04
Quick passage of less than two days from Niue to Neiafu, the capital of the
Northern archipelago of Tonga, Vava'u. We formally passed the International
Date Line (where yesterday never was and tomorrow never will be), when we
arrived in Tonga, even though we're not yet at 180 dgs. For practical
reasons Tonga wanted to be on the same date as New Zealand, and therefore
decided that the IDL passes east of them, instead if west. As a result we
skipped September 21st, the start of spring on this side of the world. Hope
we did not miss too much.

Vava'u is a big gathering place of all cruisers heading for New Zealand or
Australia before the cyclone season starts by the end of November. The
regatta week just started, when we arrived, meaning lots of activities and
parties. Three other Dutch boats here as well, Cornelia, La Luna and
Victory. We heard of Victory before, but had never really met Jan Bart and
Monique until now. Great time with all of them and our friends from Pacific
Bliss, whom we had not seen for a year, as well as Santa Paz, with whom
we've been teaming up to get here.

All so sociable, that we hardly have an evening for ourselves, which is
rather unique for us. Great fun, though, so hard to resist.