Galápagos>Marquesas 14-08-2011 (Day 12, 23:5 0UTC): DTF 575nm (08:55.1S 129:09.1W)

Vries Peter Pons
Mon 15 Aug 2011 00:47
DTF: 575nm
Track: 2377nm
Trip: 2225nm

TWS: 12-27kt (17-23)
TWD: 90-110 (90-120)
TWA: 120-150 (130-150)
AWA: 100-125 (110-125)
HDG: 240-270 (240-260)
COG: 240-265 (250-265)
Drift: 210-280 at 1.0kt

Last night 22-27kts with rough sea. This morning things settled down with
winds between 12-16 kts, but from the E, so very much in doubt whether this
was the moment to gybe and regain some height for the last few hundred
miles. Those plans were temporarily aborted, when the winds picked up again
and the outhaul sledge in the boom broke while we were reefing the main.
Temporarily fixed it with a short line around the boom to the clew block,
which works well, but decided to leave one reef in the main, as it might be
a bit dodgier to reef quickly, if necessary. In light winds we sacrifice a
knot or so, but better safe than sorry.

Also a bit worried about the refurbished hydraulics of the new autopilot, as
the pump is working too much. And we cannot use the hydraulics of the other
AP we have, as the seal of the hydraulic arm is leaking. Are going to check
the system in a moment, did not have time yet. Two completely separate
autopilots and possibly still an issue, grrrr!

This morning we went back another hour in time, now at UTC-9h (NL-11h) and
only 30min more for the Marquesas (UTC-9:30h).

Daph checked our supplies for weavils (little black crawling insects, which
get into your cereals, rice, flower, which you definitely do not want
there), and yes, two packs of cruesli and a pack of rice were contaminated.
Happened once earlier, tried to fish them out, but that was a useless
exercise, you cannot win from weavils. So packs overboard, end of story.