We are away at last ........Part..2

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Fri 26 Sep 2014 00:56

16:30.108S 151:45.445W


G'day all.... We are now on the Island of Bora Bora and making our last preparations (buying fresh veggies, signing out etc) to leave here for Niue some 1000nm to the west.  If the trades hold this should take about 9 days and will be our last major sailing leg of this year.... le sigh...!!!   Huahina and Bora Bora have been a blast.  They are similar to Tahiti in the sence they are very busy islands with lots of tourists and quite commercial at times.  Despite all that they are buetuful islands with cristal blue waters in fringing reefs that deserve all the attention they get.  Bora Bora has the reputation of the honeymoon destination of the world, and the hundreds of idealistic bungalows all over the islands thrive on this.... With a few grotty yachties thrown in to mix it up for good measure..... ;)


By signing out of Bora Bora we leave French Polenesia for good after more than three months since we arrived in the Marqueses Isalnds on the 12th June from the Galapagos.  It has been a fantastic time on these islands and so far, hands down, the Pacific has been the highlight of this trip.  The sights, the swimming, diving and the fishing have been supurb and we just want to all come back here one day.... hopefully soon.  One aspect of these islands I cannot stop raving about is the people, especially in the smaller groups of the Marqueses and the Tuamotu's.  They are the warmest, kindest and most hospital group of people we have ever come accross.  We all in the rest of the world should take note of how they are and their attitude to life.  If we could take just a fraction from them in this, the world would be a much better place!!!!!


So... You can see we have been rather taken by this lovely part of the world and could dribble on for pages about it... But I won't ;).  Now we sail west for the second half of the Pacific and look forward to every second of it.  As for crew we had four as of yesterday but unfortunately Dirk had to leave us un expectantly so we sail with three.  Short and sweet mate and good luck with it all.


Ok... Off to get some tomatoes and loo paper... Take care all and see you in Tonga....


Matt, Didi and Aldo......