Fakarava South, Tuamotu Atolls

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Sun 27 Jul 2014 21:41
16:31.37S 145:28.37W
Greetings all from the Tuamatu Atolls.  The last few days we have been doing it tough in Tahanea Atoll - uninhabited, snorkelling with sharks and huge amounts of tropical fish, rendezvousing with fellow Pacific cruisers.  Our first experience in these massive attols (~30 miles of coral reefs) was amazing.  After numerous drift dives and exploring ashore, it was time to move on once again.
After a deliberately slow 50 mile sail across from Tahanea atoll, to time daylight and tides for the atoll passes, we arrived in the south of Fakarava Atoll 10am 27th July.  It looks like a postcard with more palm trees, white beaches, reefs, small dive resort round the corner etc etc.  Now we are hopeful of a bit more wind as we are pulling the kitesurfing gear out of different corners of Providence..
So, about a week or so here, then we will probably visit the north of the atoll to get supplies.  Or maybe we'll spend longer here............
Regards from paradise,
Rohan, Matt, Nigel and Didi