22:44.77S 41:53.06W. Monday the 2nd July 2012.

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Tue 3 Jul 2012 20:40

It has been an interesting few days.  Since our forestay parted we have motor sailed with the main sail only at a good pace and decided to head for the town of Buzios, about 100 nm east of Rio and we arrived yesterday.  We thought there may be a fuel quay there but found there was none.  We still have just enough fuel to motor sail to Rio and since we had to be there no later than the 4th, we decided a few nights in Buzios would not hurt…. If for nothing else a hot meal would be welcome.


Buzios is as it is described in the guides, a playground for those with the cash to do it.  Beautiful, clean and well looked after (oozing cash) and strikes us as the St Tropez or St Bart’s of Brazil.  It was also the favourite haunt of Brigitte Bardot but we did not see her but came across a few cats ;).   So…. We pulled into the bay of Buzios in the afternoon of Sunday the 1st and were welcomed with fireworks and festivities.  Once we realized it was not our welcoming committee we discovered we had stumbled onto another festival, this time it was for Sao Pedro, which we believe is the patron saint of the sea and fisherman.  Needless to say we anchored, sorted ourselves out and proceeded directly ashore to once again join in with the locals in a fiesta that went on through to the wee hours of the morning.  Love this country… ;)


After an understandably slow start to the day we hired a buggy and had a look about the area.  Very nice.  Great beaches, good scenery and the town is vibrant with many shops and great restaurants.  The plan is to sail tomorrow morning and arrive in Rio on the morning of the 4th July. 


As said before, Brazil seems to be getting better as you head south.  It is winter at the moment but it is still warm enough during the day to swim and get around in shorts and t-shirt, though the nights can get chilly.  Still loving life despite the recent breakages and looking forward to Rio.  Quiet one tonight…. ;)


Matt, Rohan and Tina….