"The final entry.... It's been a blast!!

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Thu 18 Dec 2014 00:59


G'day All.......


This is it for the Pacific and 2014 and I write this knowing full it is the last entry not only for the year but also as the final entry in this blog....... and thus an official end to 'Matt and Rohans Most Excellent Adventure'.  I have been staring at this page and wondering how to put this all into words as the last few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, events and situations that have led me to the here and now, in the international terminal in Tonga awaiting my flight home.


Why is this to final entry I hear you say?  Good question well asked!  Rohan and I always knew that 2014 was the final year of the trip.  So i guess it is time, reluctantly, to hang up the boots and join normality and (I shudder to even think it...) to find a job!  It was always our intention to put the yacht on the market at the end of this year and see what happens.  So there are two situations that could occur from this... 1) She does not sell and we return next year to sail her to Australia and try and sell her there (not a bad option and a great excuse to do some more sailing!...). and... 2) If she does sell in the next six months .... well.... there she wrote!!  The funny thing is that before arriving in Tonga I would never have thought it a great place to sell the yacht, but as of very recently we have a very serious bloke who is very seriously interested in her.  Well I never! It's amazing what one unexpected door leads to another.  So now we wait and we shall see I suppose!


Regardless of it all I still can't believe the year is over and it has yet to sink in that the trilogy has come to an end.  It all started in stormy Scotland in November 2011 in what was to be a two year trip that, unsurprisingly to many and eventualy us, ended as a three year epic that covered a little over 31,000 nautical miles (57,412km).   From the north to the very south of the Atlantic, around Cape Horn which included some time in Antarctica (ooooh can never say that enough ;).. ), almost all of South America, and finally the Pacific which in itself has been nothing short of amazing.  We have seen more countries, bays and islands than I can count, and have met some truly amazing people on the way. 


What we have seen and done has been an increadible experience and it has been without a doubt the time of our lives. This of course would not have been possible without the many people involved in the last three years and more.   So... on behalf of Rohan and I.... to all our friends and family who have supported us, to all our many crew who at one point or another helped us sail the old girl onward and forever west, and to the many more we have met on the way who we hope so very much see again (you know who you are) .... we thank you all so very much for everything and for being part of this experience.


Ok then..... time to sign off before I get too emotional and blubbery in front of the good people here at the airport.  I would love to write more about all we have done and mention everyone involved by name, drop a few heart felt sailing quotes about bigs seas and... well.. albatrosses.... but I am not!... For everything must come to an end which includes this last write up.  I hope to send this in the next few days once I arrive in sunny Brisbane, but until then we wish you well and that you have a fantastic silly season and hope to see you again be it sooner or later.  Take care all and once again thanks for everything..... It's been a blast!


Cheers eye........ Matt and Rohan from the good ship 'Decadence'.


Ps... One final thank you is to the fact you have read and followed our blog.  It is nice to know someone else other than Mum and Dad has actually read it... ;)