Puerto Williams and Ushuaia. 8th February 2013 .. 55:57.5S 6 7:13.1W

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Wed 13 Feb 2013 16:57

It has been 16 days since we rounded the Horn and it is hard to write on the aftermath of Antarctica.  We are still in that limbo after such a trip… not ready to believe it’s all over and still in a flat spin.  After the Horn we spent a day anchored at Isla Lennox in the Beagle Channel giving ourselves and the boat a good rest, clean and airing ;).  A lovely anchorage with a great walk that absolutely blew our minds, we had swapped ice and rock for green, reds and all that is Patagonia.  That for us had signalled the real end of the Antarctic trip and though excited about the next few months in Patagonia, it was sad all the same.  A trip of a life time!!


From the anchorage we arrived in Puerto Williams on 23rd January and spent a few days winding down and cleaning the yacht.  What helped was that the marina at Puerto Williams is actually an old grounded (deliberately) ferry that yachts tie up to, in which the bridge area has been converted into a fantastic bar area on a permanent 5 degree slant (see… http://journeyman.se/2013/01/27/puerto-williams-possibly-the-coolest-marina-in-the-world/)  Great fun had by all but due to weather closing in we had to leave earlier than expected for Ushuaia on Australia Day of all days.  Being just down the channel it was only a 5 hour sail to Ushuaia and late on the 26th January we were back alongside our pals Darrel and Cath on ‘IceBird’ and settled in the evening.


A crazy initial few days back in the big smoke with all that a city of 70,000 has to offer.  Not only were we celebrating our trip, but we had to give a good send off for Kate who sadly had to leave for London and work on the 31st January.  Cheers Kate for a fantastic trip and good luck with college, work and ‘normal’ life as we know it… you are going to need it ;)   For the rest of the time in Ushuaia we worked on the yacht getting her ready for the next few months in Patagonia and catching up with the various people we have met since we arrived here.  A great time but it was good to leave when we sailed for Puerto Williams once again to sign into Chile, leaving Argentina for the last time, and officially start our Patagonia and Chilean Fjords leg of the trip.  


We shall see………………


Matt, Rohan, Nigel, Tina…. and of late… Kate.