The New Wind Indicator..

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Fri 13 Jan 2012 09:00


G’Day All…. Still in the Canary Islands waiting for parts, and hope to sail early next week… but more on that later.  We would like to look back on a funny evening in Carlingford Louge, Ireland, in early December.  Amongst other things we discovered  that our wind indicator (the anemometer… one of our many antique pieces of electronics onboard) had given up the ghost.  So, with nothing better to do at anchor riding out one of the many blows back then…. We decided to fix, and thus re-design it.


Before we start we would like to say the following is patent pending, and the design will be available at a reasonable price on Amazon very soon.  So, without further ado….….


Take one wind indicator, and add the following ingredients……


·         2x IKEA red handle kitchen knives,

·          4x pieces of reflective tape,

·         4x stainless through bolts and nuts, 4mm,

·         1x tube of super glue,

·         4x cable ties (small),

·         Pen and sheet of paper, preferably Belfast Telegraph or Irish Times, and

·         1.5 bottles of Scotch and a few drams of port.


So give three blokes enough time to drink adequate amount of scotch to create enough inspiration and scribble enough notes you to create a device that…. well….. only pictures can describe………..


…. See blog photos…….


JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image