10:52.9N 58:55.8W...East of Trinidad. 10th May 2012.58:55.8

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Thu 10 May 2012 23:07

After a slow start which had times had us going backwards, we are well underway now.  Good easterlies have us sailing steadily south-easterly towards Brazil.  A lot of rain and squalls but otherwise all is well. 

What we have seen is an amazing change in the wildlife now we have left the Caribbean Sea and back into the Atlantic.  I think we have seen more dolphins in the last few days than the last few months, let alone sea birds and surface fish.  Its amazing the difference when you get away from the netted and over fished areas of the Caribbean Islands.


Speaking of fish, we had an amazing morning with the fishing.  Just before sunlight I hooked a big tuna…. But unfortunately it is now the… ‘one that got away’.. ;)   Once it was hooked and the line went screaming, we hove to and after an exhausting hour we brought in the 5 ft yellow fin tuna to the transom….. but before we could get the camera out the line parted and the magnificent creature dove back to the depths.  We had every intention of releasing it but it was a shame we did not get a picture.   I guess you will have to take our word for it… ‘because it was this big!!!’.. ;)  


Exhausted, sore and loving it…..


Till next time…. Matt, Rohan and Tina