12:57.7S 38:30.6W... Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Monday the 25th June 2012.

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Mon 25 Jun 2012 13:03

Despite the efforts of many large kamikaze flying fish, we successfully arrived in Salvador on Friday!  We had battled more currents, headwinds, oil rigs and associated paraphernalia, fishing boats and squalls.  However, despite all this, the second half of the leg was great sailing with the assistance of the southwest bound Brazil Current.  Thank goodness.


During this time, the GPS log reminded us that we have now sailed 10,000 nautical miles since we purchased Providence of Portree in Wales.  At the risk of getting too sentimental (and bragging?!), she has so far taken us from Wales to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Spain, (Portugal for fuel), more Spain (Canaries), Cape Verde Islands, British Virgin Islands, St Martin, Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, Barbados, Grenadines, Bequia, St Lucia, Grenada, (French Guyana for fuel), and now Brazil.  A varied journey so far with big seas (too big) in the Irish Sea and Biscay, rolling across the trades in the Atlantic, glorious reaches up and down the Caribbean, and some nasty currents to contend with of late. 


A lot of miles, maybe too many for ‘cruising’, and we are now looking forward to some slower months in southern Brazil where Rohan has best intentions to finally learning to kitesurf... and they also say you’re never too old to learn how to dance – which is lucky as one of us only has 16 days left in his 30s!


In the meantime we have re-rendezvoused with Tina after her surprise visit to Portugal thanks to a small visa issue.  The São João da Bahia festival was on this weekend here, and we certainly made the most of it with our new Sth African friends (yacht Mystic Rhythm).  They love their festivals and music here, no doubt.

We have restocked the boat with cornflakes and chocolate, managed to struggle through the customs procedure (delaying us by a day this time..), and ready to go.  Heading to Rio de Janeiro now where we have plenty planned, but more about that later..!


Rohan, Matt and Tina