Photos from Mar Del Plata and the sail south to the Falkland s..

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Sat 17 Nov 2012 12:15

Below are a select few from the good times in Mar Del Plata, or ‘Mar Del’ as the locals call it……  and some shots of the passage south to the Falklands.


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Juan, Leo and us at Leo’s pub…. The start of the endless hospitality they and many others showed us during our stay


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Leo and Matt… the night progresses…


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Juan and the usual suspects….


Below are a few shots from a great Sunday BBQ at Leo’s parents place.  The Argentinians know how to put on  a BBQ as we were fed our body weight in meat.  We also gave the locals a few tips on Rugby and Aussie Rules….. Leo’s nieces loved it!!

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Taken out to lunch on our last day…. Fantastic!!


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A few of the locals near the marina….


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Dropping off Juan and Andrea before sailing on the 4th November.  Note how ‘not’ overloaded the dingy is!


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Departure photo from Mar Del Plata.  Note how hot and sunny it is… oh how that changed so very soon.. ;)


Below are a few shots on the passage south.  Some great shots of the many companions having fun all around us and some hitch-hikers.  Note how colder we look as we go south!!

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Hanging off the bow.  They came up and let us touch them…. Magic!!!!


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Nigel hard at work……


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Matt working even harder……


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