13:05.4N 59:37.1W... On the way to Carlisle Bay, Barbados..

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Thu 12 Apr 2012 21:49


The last time we made an input we were still in Anguilla.  What an amazing place that is and well worth a visit, especially to Sandy Island… we have some great photos from there.  After Anguilla we had another night in St Maarten and then sailed south to Antigua.  Stayed a few days in Green Island on the SE coast of Antigua for some kitesurfing (magic place…. Loved it!!) and then another 4 days in Falmouth Harbour for some more catch up with yachtie mates and showing Rohan and Cissi the infamous ‘Shirley Heights’ Sunday session.  Cissi left us in Antigua after a great week of sun, sand and sailing, a real shame she had to get back to work… unlike some… ;)


We stayed a few more days, hurt our wallets and liver once more (cheers James….. ) and sailed South to Portsmouth Bay in Dominica for the Easter weekend.  Dominica is called the nature island and is renowned for its forest, rivers, beaches and waterfalls.  It was all that and more and so far one of our favorite islands.  Not only was it a big party weekend for Easter and the beaches were full of locals in full fiesta swing, we spent more time in Dominica doing walks, trekking  and tours than any Caribbean Island thus far.  The tours and the walks were amazing, but the highlight was stopping at a roadside bar on the second last day for a local refreshment and ended up chatting with a few of the local fisherman.  Our 5 minute break turned into 3 hours in which we had been given a local tour of the village, nearby caves via fishing boat, fed a delicious fish soup lunch (just caught) washed down with the local ale and an invite to go fishing with them the next day.  Unfortunately we were leaving for Barbados and could not join them fishing, but it was just a fantastic finish to a great day and showed us the real Dominican spirit and hospitality that we had heard so much about.


As said we sailed for Barbados the next day (11th April) and will arrive there tomorrow on Friday the 13th…. Interesting!!.  We plan to spend a few days on the island and then head West to the Grenadines for some more kiting and beaches…. I know, what to do… ;)


I hope all is well and we will get some photos online soon…… stay safe…. Matt and Rohan.