Galapagos to Marquesas Day 5 - 25th May 2014

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Sun 25 May 2014 20:35

05:16.0S 102:38.0W


It is now the end of our fifth day in the Pacific crossing to the Marquesas and we are all enjoying the trades which have blown non-stop since we left the Galapagos.  The winds have been southerly at about 15 knots so far and only now are starting to shift a little east as they are predicted for these latitudes.  We are doing some great daily runs (good for us anyway for a heavy old rust bucket ;) ) and if this keeps up we will be well ahead of time for our arrival… though it is early days and a long way to go… we shall see!!


Everyone is faring well and finding their own routines when not on watch, though it took Nigel and Carolina a few days to find their stride as the seas have been rather messy and on the beam.  We still have plenty of fruit left, though the bananas are on their last legs so it´s banana bread today, and the fishing has been good so we are eating like kings on Mahi Mahi. 


Otherwise all is well and lets hope these trade winds stay full and strong.


Watch this space…..  Matt, Rohan, Carolina and Nigel

PS... Just had a pod of Pilot Whales follow us for a few miles... right up close and under the yacht... great day!!!