Mindelo Island, Cape Verde Islands. 16:52.9N 25:00.2W

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Fri 27 Jan 2012 19:29
G'day all from the Cape Verde Islands.  Had a great sail South with strong NE and Easterly winds to find the right latitude for the trades.  We did not intend to stop at the Cape Verde Islands but since we had to come so close we decided to stop and have a look at what they are all about, and top up on fuel, fresh fruit and veg etc.  What can we say.... It's is just as the pilots describe... Certainly not green (due to human abuse and goats) so dusty and dry and basically an extension of Africa so difficult to get all you require, but the markets are enough that you can get what you need.  We only had to top up so it was not a problem, otherwise not a bad place to stop for a day or so.  As with the Canaries a good vibe here and plenty of cruising yachties about for some atmosphere, let alone the locals.

We will stay here the night and set sail tomorrow for the Caribbean, so we shall see.  Wish us luck and see soon.

Matt, Rohan, Ben and Moon.