BVI Cruising.. North Tortola!!

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Tue 28 Feb 2012 13:57


Its now Tuesday the 28th Feb and have managed to get some wifi from a local resort whilst at anchor.  Cruising the BVI’s doing a circumnavigation of the area, great sailing and loving it (will not update the map for the local sailing in the BVI’).  Currently in Cane Garden Bay in North Tortola and maybe head off for a dive this afternoon.  Yesterday was great… anchored in a small bay (only yacht in it), snorkeling, bit of maintenance, prepped for today’s dive, coconuts from the beach and a fantastic sunset…..We can only wish everyday will be like this.  We are currently putting photos together of the crossing and here so watch this space.


Ben and Moon left us the other day and are now exploring the BVI’s getting ready for their own kayak adventure.  They parted with some kind words that are below…. Cheers guys… xxx


Ahoy amigos!

When you are someone who’s looking for new experiences, an adventure seeker and a world traveler, you are most likely to come across a few crazy, amazing people out there…

Now, say you are looking for a ride across the waters to start the next adventure… you normally wouldn’t mind too much with who you go. Specially if it’s a short trip to the African coast. But if you’re wondering around the pontoons of Las Palmas’ Marina and pretty much everyone’s going across the Atlantic to the Caribbean… your options expand and you can be a bit picky.

This is how we ended up meeting the pair of Aussies that we’re now hanging out with in beautiful Caribe paradise.


A few weeks messing around in Las Palmas; repairing the boat, cleaning, painting, playing music, going out with the awesome people there… After that time together, there was no chance we could refuse the opportunity to go with them! And so we set sail on a beautiful sunset on the 19th of January. Matt already banging and bashing around the inside of Providence, Rohan telling a few stories on the helm, Ben doing pretty well with the seasickness and Moon cooking the first of many a meals to be enjoyed on board.

We spent a week at seas before reaching AFRICA!
J A couple of days of an African taste in Cape Verde turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip, where we met locals, played at paradise beaches, ate fresh food and had a little break from the non-stop helming days…

Before we could even realize the difference between land and ocean, we were back on track, and we had a good chunk on days ahead of us. All of them filled with laughs, music, joy, ESPANIOL! a few breakdowns, birthday and valentine’s cake, a hell lot of sun, rain, full moon party, shooting stars, seaweed, whales, swimming and just the best of the sailing days…

After 29 days together, we were all pretty happy to see land! Specially Ben ;)
And so we spent a good week just relaxing, exploring the British Virgin Islands and as far as we are concerned, we couldn’t have chose any better pair of nutcases to have this adventure with!

Thank you for everything boys, Providence (sigh).  We love you and we’ll see you when we beat your asses down to Venezuela on our dinghy! :P


MUCHO AMOR! y nunca dejen de aprender!
hasta siempre, dharrr!

Ben and Moon