12:35.7N 61:24.7W... Union Island, The Grenadines.. 19th A pril 2012

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Thu 19 Apr 2012 15:05

G’Day All.  We finally arrived in Barbados after the wind turned in our favour, otherwise it could have taken a lot longer.  Barbados was a pain to clear in but proved to be a great little island for many reasons.  She has more money than most and not that set up for cruisers as ourselves, but it was a great few days as we hired a car and took a look around and met some great people.  We also had another friend visit us for a week or so, Eleanor form New York formally of Dublin, and will be with us until St Lucia. 


On the 16th we sailed for the Grenadines.  As usual the wind at first looked in our favour but then turned on us and we took a lot longer to get to our destination.  Our new quote should be.. ‘never in the right direction, always coming from the way we want to go…. @#%#@%. ‘  Anyway, after rocking and rolling for over a day, we made it into Clifton Harbour on Union Island just after midnight on the 18th April.  Very excited about the Grenadines as we have been told many a tale by cruisers we have met that this is a must see area.  Snorkeling with turtles, amazing reefs, good fishing, kitesurfing…. Will we ever leave, but that’s a story for another time……. ;) 


Until then……….. Matt, Rohan and Eleanor….


PS…. Have finally sorted some photos which I will post now.  A mix of what we have been up to…. Enjoy…