Wednesday the 8th August 2012. On the way to Florianopolis. ... SW

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Wed 8 Aug 2012 17:03

Greetings from somewhere between Isle Grande and Florianopolis, sailing well and enjoying the weather.  It has been nearly two weeks since we left Rio and we left Paraty the other day (on the 6th).  Since Rio we spent some time once again in the Ilha Grande region 70nm west of Rio.  A fabulous place with uncountable beaches and great walks in the numerous national parks, with plenty of swimming despite it being the winter months.  Cissi had joined us once again for a few weeks in Rio and has just recently left us in Paraty.  Paraty, what a place!  A tourist hub but a town that had some restaurants, bars and music that rivaled even Rio.  We had a fun few days there and listened to some fantastic live music and managed to watch a little of the Olympics.  Looks like the Poms have put on a good show and are doing well in the medal tally… a topic we will not mention at this moment with regards to how the Aussies are going!!.. ;)

Even though it is part of the grand plan to get south for Antarctica for the end of the year, we at first regretted arriving in Brazil in the winter and thus the low season.  Now we have had some time in this incredible country we have decided the low season was a blessing in disguise.  It is still hot enough to swim most days (or at least get around in shorts during the day) and without the mobs of tourists we have been able to see and enjoy the sights without getting too overwhelmed.  We would recommend this time of year to anyone.  Even so the more we head south the colder it will become.  We hope to get some kiting in Florianopolis but maybe we will need to put the wetsuits on… we shall see.

Anyway, still another month before the visa runs out so lots more to see and do.  After Brazil it’s Uruguay and Argentina…… what a hassle… ;)

Take care all…. Matt and Rohan…..