27th November 2011. Bangor, near Belfast in Northern Ireland. 54:39.9N 5:40.3W

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Fri 2 Dec 2011 11:33

We left the anchorage at Browns Bay on the 25th and we made for Bangor near Belfast for some shelter in a great little marina as the weather had not let up at all.  Stayed two nights (25th and 26th) and decided to sail again south today to make as much distance south before the weather closes in again.  Hopefully make it all the way to Cork for the last fresh provision shop before the 10 days sail to the Canaries. 


Had a good few days in Bangor making some minor but essential repairs and modifications, including the wind indicator (more on that later…).  The more time we spend onboard the more we come to love this solid little tub.   But we are also starting to see why she was such a good deal.  Finding more rust here and there, a few pieces of equipment not working as well as could be, and a few.. ‘ now that should not have come off in my hand… ‘ ;).  Nothing serious and nothing to stop us sailing and we knew we would have to do a little work on her before she will be at her best.


Anyway… we are off…. North Westerly winds force 5-6, turning Southerly later…. Hopefully much later….