12:00.2N 61:45.78W... Prickly Bay, Grenada. 6th May 2012.

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Mon 7 May 2012 02:08


Greetings from Grenada.  Currently in Prickly Bay anchorage in southern Grenada doing the last of the preparations for heading to Brazil.  Since leaving Rodney Bay in St Lucia we stuck to the plan and anchored in the south west of St Lucia for the night (Soufriere Bay) to climb Petit Piton Mountain on the morning of the 30th April.  A fantastic but tough climb that was recommended by a few mates that did not fail to please.  It is a national park so we had to take a local as a guide, who called himself ‘Dr Feelgood’… go figure ;) … who was quite a character and made the day that little more interesting. 


After the climb we up-anchored and left directly for Grenada.  A great overnight sail to the port of St Georges  where we cleared in on the 1st May and did some shopping for parts and supplies for the up and coming trip.  We also picked up our new toy that was shipped in, a 10’6ft inflatable paddle board.  Just what we need to add to this already crowded boat and looks good shoved in with the dive kit, kite gear, tennis rackets, cricket bat and footballs…… very conservative as you can see ;)….St George is quite a busy port so we moved south to a more chilled and cruising location of Prickly Bay, where we are now, to continue our preparations.  Our stop in Grenada also included picking up another mate come crew member, Tina, who will be sailing with us to Rio.  The plan is to fuel, water and the last of the fresh supplies tomorrow morning then sail for the first planned stop in Fortaleza in northern Brazil.


Keep an eye out for some photos from Barbados south…..  Until then….