14:04.4N 60:56.9W... Rodney Bay, St Lucia. 25-29th April 2 012.

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Sun 29 Apr 2012 15:22

After a magic few days we left Tobago Cays in the rain and headed north to Bequia and stayed a few days there.  Not a bad little stop though relatively quiet as the season is starting to wind down but a great layover for a few days.  Bequia is famed as a great stop for yachties in the Grenadines and has a long history with sail….  She came highly recommended and did not fail to please… cheers Terry.


After Bequia we headed north again for St Lucia.  The overnight sail was one of the best reaches we have had yet and the old girl was moving at over 6 knots the whole time…. Warp speed.. ;)  We stayed a few days in Marigot on the west coast of the island.  A very pretty little harbour and a great base to go see the Island.  We hired a car for a day and went to see waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes and some magic little towns and beaches.  St Lucia is definitely an island we would come back to.  We also bumped into Northern Star who were in port and had a good catch up with Sarah, Colby and Lauren…… Small world this Caribbean.  This was Eleanor’s last port and after a great 10 days from Barbados to St Lucia she flew back to New York and work…. That’s got to hurt.. ;).


We reluctantly left Marigot and sailed north to Rodney Bay in the North West of the Island.  Rodney bay for us was a planned stop to give the old girl some much needed TLC and install our new (under warranty… about bloody time!!!) auto pilot.  We stayed in Rodney Bay Marina and spoilt ourselves with some along side time.  The general manager happened to be a friend of a friend and proved to be an easy distraction in the evenings with a few beers (Sydney boy….. drinking with Aussies again… love it!!) as well as a great help in recommending things to do and where to do it in the area.  Cheers Ben for the introduction and a thanks again Adam for your help and hospitality… we owe you one.


Now it’s Sunday morning on the 29th April.  With a new course computer, some less rust and sore heads from the night before we will sail from Rodney Bay and turn our direction south once again.  The plan is to anchor tonight in the Pitons and do the mountain climb tomorrow, then head down to Grenada to await some parts and the final preparation for the big sail to Rio. 


We shall see……………………….