9th December 2011. Falmouth. 5 0:09.2N 5:03.8W. ….. Bugger!!

Matt Stafford and Rohan Buckley
Fri 9 Dec 2011 22:15

 After just another few days at sea after leaving Dublin the weather closed in earlier than expected and we once again got a pasting.  Reduced sail and thought all was well then the mizzen car shackle parted (wtf!!) but juried rigged something up and we sailed well…. BUT… then one of the aft davits holding the tender failed, well.. more like broke in half (WTF!!!!!) so with the weather getting worse we tucked tail and sailed for Falmouth. 


They say every cloud has a silver lining, and when pulling into Falmouth we thought what a crock…. But after a few days getting some things done, such as sorting out the auto pilot, got rid of the davits and brought a new tender (the old one was too big to strap down on the foredeck and was on its last legs anyway)  Its been a good few days and now heading off today for the Canaries (attempt number three but whose counting) in what appears to be another weather window to get past Biscay. 


So with the mistress looking sleeker (I say this with well squinted eyes and thinking.. ‘only a mother could love!!’) and all the bolts and lines given a good tweak we head off again.  So, once again, we say if all goes well we shall be in Las Palmas in warmer weather in a few weeks.


We shall see……. ;)


PS…. Photos coming soon Mum…. promise…