2nd January 2008

Wed 2 Jan 2008 23:10
14.04.598N 60.56.898W
Still in Rodney Bay Marina on St Lucia!
Relaxing and kind of getting used to being in the Caribbean. Still not done very much, as once again the alternator on the engine is palying up, and the charging system is not reliable so will try to get this fixed tomorrow morning.,We had planned to head down island on 1st to explore some anchorages around the west coast.
Weather still very variable, hot and wet pretty much sums it up, had a good evening on the beach for New Years Eve, beer and fireworks under a tropical sky was quite pleasent. Get the occasional glimpse of the moon and stars, so still in touch with my sardine!! 
Want to get out and about to explore the world, so far only done about 1.5sq miles.