Monday Monday

Mon 10 Dec 2007 12:39
23.18N 28.09W course 255 @ about 3-4 knots.
A slow hot day so far, sailing under cruising chute in about 8 - 10 knots of wind, which is not the wind that Jigsaw likes best. Getting the chute up was fun, and it has at least got the boat moving under sail. The boat is level and the ocean is pretty flat, so I am loathe to fire up the engine just yet, as we are still heading in the right direction, albeit rather slowly!
We had our first dolphins yesterday, a large pod of North Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, according to our resident marine biologist Molly McCarthy. The spotted doplhins looked very smart in  their polka dot outfits, my guess is that they were designed by Jasper Conran. They stayed around the boat  for some time playing in the bow wave and swimming alongside the boat. We also saw a spectacular display from a couple of spinner dolphins, leaping high into the air and, believe it or not, spinning in the air as they jumped. 
Last night was again very calm and peaceful, as a shy boy, I was able to enjoy the solitude of me, the stars and the ocean while listening to music on the MP3 player and dreaming while the shooting stars were whizzing past the great bear. A really cool way to spend a couple of hours, armed with a cup of tea and a fag at 5:30 am.  
I see that a bear is in line to win the Turner prize, fantastic to my way of thinking, I am a big fan of bears and the idea of them winning stuff cheers me tremendously.   
West Ham (my team) beat Blackburn Rovers (Ian's team) 1-0 yesterday, so we want a match report on the game please!