Birthday Party On Passage

Fri 19 Oct 2007 16:09
Kate and Molly's birthday at sea today, we invited the neighbourhood dolphins to the party, but they have not shown up so far.
Sailing on199 Degrees True at about 4.8knots. ETA Lanzarote is Sunday.  Currently at 31 41'N 11 39.6W. Weather is fine and the wind currently about 12-15knots from NE. Swell has deminished from about 3-4 metres, when the wind was up to 25knots, to around 1-2 metres.
Another clear night at sea last night and I tried to identify some of the constellations of stars with the aid of a star chart. Had some success, but I have to admit that I cannot see how the folks who named them come up with the likenesses to goat, bulls, archers etc. I could only see dancing pixies scattering pixie dust disguised as shooting stars, but maybe I need more sleep!