Anchored Up. Windy!!

Tue 23 Oct 2007 08:42
Currently still anchored off of Isla Graciosa near Lanzarote. It is rather windy and we have not been able to get to shore at all apart from when Mary and Molly swam it on the first day, which was before the wind got up. Have run out of electricity, water, bread and cigarettes, but had a good birthday celebration aboard Bayzona yesterday afternnoon when the wind abated sufficiently for us to row the hundred metres over to their boat. We have picked up some water from Bayzona so have enough to keep us going in the short term. Still have wine apple juice and plenty of food, baking our own bread yesterday.
The crew seem to be coping with the depravations well, we spent yesterday trying to sort out engine electrics and am finally coming to the conclusion that the engine starting battery is probably U/S. So we are stuck in a beautiful location but not really able to enjoy it to it's full extent. Not sure what to do at present will need to get weather forecast to see what is likely to occur in the next couple of days. Still catching up after the five day passage  from Portugal at present, but need to get a plan together soon. Hope the wind drops today so that we can get out and about a bit.  
Still staring at the moon for inspiration! That helps!