Thursday 13th December.

Thu 13 Dec 2007 12:16
Noon position 22.19N 34.00 W   all well and 27 C with barometer steady at around 1019. Distance to run 1593 miles, slowly eating the elephant.
We are having a break from fishing we have caught 3 dorados, also known as Dolphin fish, but we try not to use the D word whilst wacking the fish over the head to kill it!! Cooked a very tasty green fish curry which went down a treat!! Our fishing has been pretty successful with Dorado being landed to order.Red plastic squid seem to be the most popular lure. Leaving them alone for a day or two to vary the diet.On the food front onions and spuds are fantastic, and much under rated, last for ages and add spice and all our cooking, still have fresh fruit left and a few tomatoes. Tons of tins and packets so will not run out of grub. Water holding up well and I am the water nazi snarling at people whenever they turn on a  tap for more than 2 seconds.
Currently under engine at about 4.5knots as wind went very light first thing this morning, After the first week when we were running at about 6-7 knots in 20 + knots of wind, this seems a bit slow, to say  the least.
Been following the story of  the guy who hid for 5 years to claim the insurance money, last we heard both he and his wife were in court on fraud charges, any more details would be welcome, we just get headlines  from radio.
Still working on the Sardine entry for next years Turner Prize, current notion is to mount a major expedition up the Hindu Kush. by a bear, living entirely on sardines. Sounds like fine art to me!! May need to train bear to open sardine tins and make aoili.