Wed 19 Dec 2007 15:13
Noon position 18.44N 46.32W days run about 123 miles  and about 850 to run.
We had a visit from  small group of Minke Whales on Tuesday afternoon, they arrived at about 14:00 and stayed swimming around the boat  for about 15 minutes, it as truely wonderful having them come to visit, The whales were obviously curious about our boat on their turf, one of them swam alongside the boat, and stuck their head up so  that they could see what was going on on the boat.We had a very clear sight of them very close up, at one point a whale surfaced close to the boat with it's mouth open and it was close enogh for us to see it's toung and teeth.  
They were a fantastic sight, the adults were about 6-7 metres long and there was a smaller one about 3-4 metres in length.
Much quieter, and slower, night last night. Able to sleep and watches were peaceful, laying down in the cockpit and looking at the sky was like laying on the kitchen floor and gazing at the ceiling.