Sun 22 Jul 2007 20:13

Well we are still in France, currently in Camaret Sur Mer, in Brittany, a lovely location for those that do not know it's charms. A small French seaside resort, close to Brest, but far from the madding crowds. Lots of boats from all over NW Europe seem to be passing by here. Some on their way to South Brittany, others to all points south. We have been here since Friday and it appears that we will be here until Thursday at least while we wait for the weather to cross the 330 miles to La Coruna in NW Spain. Currently trying to sort out a problem with our batteries and the charging system. Hopefully nothing too major and we will be on our way as soon as the weather serves. Treating it as a few days holiday from sailing, very relaxing and after being at sea for several days a welcome break.