Wed 17 Oct 2007 15:46
We left Lagos in Portugal at about 12:30 on Tuesday 16th October. Currently on passage to Lanzarote, position on Weds 17th Oct at 15:30UT is 35 30' N 9 38'W. Course 210 speed 4.4k. Weather is spendid and we are making slow, but steady, progress towards the Canaries.I guess that we will get there sometime Sunday. Crew all well and looking forward to Kate and Molly's 10th birthday on Friday. and Vera the Vane is doing most of the helming, without too much complaint.
This feels very different to what has gone before, the sea is really BLUE, the sky is really BLACK the stars are so numerous that constellations are difficult to make out.
Can always find the Great Bear!!!