Boxing Day

Wed 26 Dec 2007 13:23
Position, at 09:00 local, on 26th December, 14.40N 59.52W, current course 242 True, towards Point du Cap on the North of St Lucia. 
Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Dinner chaps!
Ours was lovely, the corned beef was ace!!!!
On reflection decided not to go to Boulogne.
Made fair progress overnight, with the moon still illuminating our track all the way through it's transit. Can now smell the islands, and I suspect that those already on the islands can smell us approaching from upwind. I guess that we will arrive in St Lucia around late evening, currently (at 09:00 local ) have 72 miles to go to Point du Cap, and then decide whether we should anchor or find a berth in the marina. Now have wind, at last, and this decent breeze, of about 15-18 knots, is enabling us  to make good progress towards St Lucia. Crew all looking forward to getting in after a lengthy passage, we are all ready for a bit of shore leave now, and the boat could do with a wash and brush up, and the laundry bag is pretty full. I really fancy a swim now, recalling with pleasure splashing in the surf on a rainy day in Portugal. Want to get wet in the same way again.
 Would have been there earlier, but we hooked an enormous fish, which was so powerful that it dragged us backwards for several miles. Did not manage to land it, despite 50kg line, and a wire trace on the end of the nylon line. The force on the rod when the  fish hit the lure was astonishing, luckily for us it managed to brake the line, and so some poor, very large, fish is now swimming around with a rubber squid in it's gob.