Mon 17 Dec 2007 12:58
Noon pos 19.52N 42.11W still heading SW towards St Lucia, now about 1100 miles out, not sure if that is a long way or not, distance has taken on a very odd persective in the last few days. Speed is  better as the wind is up a bit, but sea is very confused with swell coming from all over making it necessary to hand steer until it settles down and Vera can take over. Currently doing between 6 and 8 knots over the ground with a swell of 2-3 metres rolling us around.
The moon was back wit us last night and it lit up all of my 9-12 watch in spectacular fashion, it has been absent in recent days, so I have had to make do with making pictures in the stars. Moon gazing big time last night though, the boat was sailing right down the track  that  the moonlight was making on the ocean and I was loving it, I hope you saw it too!!
Bear in the moon.