Rocky ride to Boulogne.

Sat 7 Jul 2007 21:09
Arrived in Boulogne at around 14:00 after leaving Gravelines to go to Fecamp. Strongish westerly winds, on the nose in terms of where we wanted to get to, made for a rather bouncy ride. When I suggested that we went into Boulogne, rather than continue for another 18 hours to Fecamp, there was no mass rebellion. In fact I sensed that, unusually for Jigsaw, the whole crew were in agreement as to the best course of action. We are now tied up in Boulogne and planning a trip to Dieppe on Sunday. Weather forecast suggests that we will be stuck in Dieppe for a couple of days as more (very) strong westerly winds are predicted. Having to become philosophical about where we are going, and when, trying to keep to a rigid schedule will make everyone miserable, it requires a completely different mentality to when one has a two week holiday, need to roll with the punches and take the opportunities to move on, comfortably, when they arise!
Boat still holding up well although Mary has just discovered that her clothes got rather damp during todays roller coaster ride, when there was a fair amount of water flying around the deck, some of it seems to have got into the clothes locker. Need to locate the source of the leak and try to fix it!!
Kate's verdict on todays sail fun but rocky.
Molly's verdict sickening, but very pleased managed not to (be sick that is).
Howard's verdict hard work and frustrating seconded by Paul
Mary's verdict all of the above.
From the crew of Jigsaw over and out.