Finisterre in fog en route to San Fransisco.

Thu 16 Aug 2007 14:08
Said, (by me), to be the foggiest place in Europe, as we passed Cabo Finisterre it was indeed shrouded in thick fog. Having left Camarinas, with Tom (who arrived at about 9:45 last night), in sunshine, the fog came down as soon as we left the bay. Visability was down to about 50 metres at times and the radar was earning it's keep in a major way. Luckily not too busy, only yachts and fishing  boats so far. I find that it is rather stressful being out amongst rocks in the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in fog.  Looking at the radar as I type this it is clear of targets, and the visability has increased to around a mile. This is a relief.
The classical scholars amongst you will be aware that to the Romans Finisterre meant the end of the world, (Finis, end, Terre, earth), it certainly feels like it is the end of the world, as we creep past in the fog it is quite threatening. Tom is on watch with Kate, Mary and Molly are both glued to the final volume of Harry Potter and I am glued to the radar screen looking for things that might try to bite us.
Later we did however find that we were under attack from a Mollasaur, a strange creature with red hair and brown fur that walked on it's hind legs, we managed to subdue it eventually and it is now reading Harry Potter and eating popcorn.
We also undertook a number of groundbreaking scientific experiments today, most notably waving chocolate under Kate's nose when she was asleep to see if it woke her up.
Nothing has bitten us, and after a couple of attempts we are safely anchored in San Fransisco Bay, which is a tiny resort in the Ria de Muros. No sign of the Golden Gate bridge so the location could not be  mistaken for it's slightly more well known namesake.