Thu 10 Jan 2008 19:42

We are approaching the end of our second week in St Lucia, which is a beautiful Island with lots to recommend it. Kate, Molly and Paul have been on a couple of spectacular dives (we hope to be soon able to put some pictures on the blog). I am hoping to complete my PADI open water as it sounds like just to good an opportunity to miss. Kate, Molly and I had a go at Zip wiring, which is basically traveling along hire wire (with the aid of a harness) through the rain forest.

Ian has returned back to the UK and continuing his recovery in the there, which I believe included a round the clock sleep in a proper bed ahhh I can only imagine how blissful that must have been. The rest of us are just about recovered. Looking back over the three week trip, it is an experience I am glad to have had and I would do it again.

We have fallen prey to local pace of doing things and have been waiting for an alternator (you will note the second since leaving) to be repaired for a almost a week now. It appears that the newly fitted smart regulator and the regulator inside the alternator do not work well together!!! I really hate boat engines a necessary evil, but boy are they temperamental. Even though Paul and I are going a little stir crazy and champing at the bit to get going, on the positive side I can think of much worse places to be stuck, so must not grumble.