Life with no gearbox.

Sun 9 Sep 2007 18:45
Sunday in Peniche and all is calm and relaxed. Went out for lunch and then took the Mini Train around the Peniche penisular, Mini Trains are a much derided form of transport, consisting as they do of an old truck covered in plywood and made to look like a steam  engine from the 19thC, pulling three or four small trucks at about 8 mph full of small children and mad people. Having been, in the past, a poo poo'er of Mini Trains I am now regreting profoundly the numerous opportunities to travel by Mini Train that I have passed up over the years. They are often there when one visits the continent, the French are particularly fond, to their eternal credit, of the Mini Train, few French towns with any pretentions to the tourist trade fail to have a Mini Train. While admittedly the routes they take and  the sights that they visit can be a trifle esoteric, especially to those of us raised to expect the Eifel Tower or Tower of London to feature on our holiday tour itinery, one should be open minded and accept that a Mini Train tour that takes in the local council estate, Lidl's supermarket and the pet cemetry can be genuinely uplifting.    
No progress on the gearbox, as it is the weekend, so we are all philosophical and will adopt the manana approach. There is a danger of becoming a bear with a sore head running around anxiuosly trying to ensure that it happens ten minutes earlier than it would have done without the exertion and anxiety. Of course this is a road that has potential problems, if we are still here in  three years time then it may be time to start jumping up and down.