Re: Squally Rocky Rolly Night Day 14.

Wed 19 Dec 2007 11:19

drove round the M25 this morning, you know sailing accross the Atlantic must be just the same
you enter into this space which theoretically has an end but when you're in it, that's just what the end is - a theory
all that's real is what's going on immediately around you
and then conditions change and you start to calculate - at this rate i'll be there in about 3 years...
even wierder at one point it was like that in both directions
and in the hundred yards you can see there might be a couple of hundred people but you can't touch or talk to any of them
might as well be fish
but wait
when you finally reach the end and conditions are great and you're flying along you think
after all i've been through
i'm not stopping now
and there you are the Flying Dutchman of the M25 endlessly circling
hope you got some sleep

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18/12/2007 13:15

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Squally Rocky Rolly Night Day 14.

Noon Position on 18th Dec 19.19N 44.33W decent days run of around 148 miles over the ground, but we are rolling our fillings out. About 980 to run.
Had to reef last night for the first time for several days, shortening sail is obviously a sign that we have now got significantly better winds, around 20 knots from between ENE and NE, getting up to around 30knots in the gusts and squalls. Several biggish squalls last night, the sky darkens quickly, the wind increases rapidly and who ever is on watch gets soaked as  the heavens open. One big one last night lasted about 30 minutes, but usually they are out of the way in 10-15. None of the adults got a lot of sleep last night, due to the motion of the boat. We were often travelling at around 7-8 knots, and roaring thru the water with a noise that made sleeping in the aft cabin like trying to kip on the rails in an underground station.
Very very tired, definately need to cwtch up in white sheets!!    

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