Sun 1 Jul 2007 18:21
Sunday 1st July (No more smoking in public places)
Weather: no rain, but plenty of wind in fact about 7 or 8 knots of it outside the relative safety of the harbour. The wind is sufficiently strong to warrant the assistance of a tug to help the ferry boat in and out.
'101 things to do in Ramsgate whilst waiting for a weather window' Some additions to add:
  • Practise cooking with the new pressure cooker; or
  • Teach your daughter to use a rivet gun; or
  • Make a hammock for the vegetables and children's soft toys; or
  • Go fishing; or
  • Sleep;or
  • Best of all think how great it is not to have to go to work tomorrow.
Molly and Kate have spent the last 7 hours fishing, routing us out only when they want watering and feeding. There is an array of fishing bits on the pontoon; crab lines, drop nets, fishing knives and even a scales for weighing in the catch. The catch so far consists of crabs and eels the fish have obviously got wise to the bread trick. There friends Jack and Harry to 13 yr old boys are keen fishermen and there enthusiasm is rubbing off on Kate and Molly. They tell me Kand M that they are really nice for boys!!