Mutiny, bloody mutiny!!!!! Jo-Jo takes charge!!

Wed 5 Sep 2007 19:04



Captain Paul McCarthy

Jigsaw of Gosport

Bayona marina


To Paul McCarthy

My name is Jo-jo. I am a weeny monkey (as you may already know). I am writing to inform you that I have permission from the Lord Mayor of London to take over this ship, and when I am captain a few changes shall be made. I shall take over the post of skipper tomorrow! So pack your bags and change your name. My first act as Captain will be to declare that Kate shall have to draw and colour a picture of the late skipper and me. Also before we employ anyone to sail with us they must walk the plank to show us that they are sea worthy! I will then be a very hard working little monkey so I shall need room service and breakfast in bed!!!!!!!!! Which will be cooked by none other than my personal advisor Molly. I shall be made cute(r) by my stylist Kate. You can also have breakfast in bed and I will help Mary cook dinner as well as make your breakfast in bed! We shall discuss this over lunch.

But I have the Mayor on my side so I think you'll find I have already won with the Mayors approval.

From the new skipper Jo-jo

P. s There will be an inspection later today