Almost half way

Sat 15 Dec 2007 11:58
Noon position on Saturday 15th Dec 20.52N 37.36W still heading SW at about 5.5 knots.
Almost half way across and hopefully we are finding the trades after a frustratingly slow few day, wind currently around 13-15 knots from the NE, steady if not spectactular progress and we are about to pass the half way mark, according to our navigation system we have about 1350 miles to go and we have done around that over the ground so far. So if we can maintain or improve on our average speed then an arrival in St Lucia around 25th or 26th looks likely. 
Caught another Dorado last evening, about 1.6 kg, which arrived just in time to provide some tea for the crew. No fishing today as we all Dorado'd out.  
Weather still fine, already 27 C and visability is excellent.  I am feeling a bit rough and exhausted today, even the sight of my sardine last night on watch only slightly lifted me. It is a bloody long way to sail and as skipper I want to see the miles start rolling by a litle quicker, sailors are never content, always too much wind or not enough. I know the frustrations will pass as we get closer to St Lucia, but this morning it still seems a long way away. Exacerbated by our ARC mates arriving in their droves and getting on the beer.