1000 miles

Wed 12 Dec 2007 15:28

Noon position 22.38N 32.00W, all plain sail set and broad reaching at about 5 knots on 255, we have just done our first 1000 miles and feel like we are on the way.  
Last night reaching along with everything up at 02;00, full main, mizen and genoa, starry night illuminating the sails and feel that having a ketch finally pays off. The current conditions are ketch weather par exellance, force 4 just aft of  the beam and we are sailing along very comfortably. (As I typed that the wind dissapeared and we had the briefest rain shower ever, lasted about 45 seconds, but I guess this is the middle of the bloody AtlanticOcean!!).We have not touched the sails for the last 24 hours, set up the rig and off we go until the weather changes, very very different to coastal sailing. Watches are mainly about making sure that we do not hit anything.
Caught another Dorado yesterday, about 1.5kg which made a fine fish curry for last nights dinner. No fishing today as getting fed up with Dorado and do not know how to tempt other fish onto the hook.May need some inventive Dorado recipies towrds the end of he passage as food stocks dwindle, any suggestions?
Glad to hear that my bear won the Turner Prize, and I agree with the suggestion, from Ilka, that I should enter my Sardine with Aoli for next years competition.As some of you will be aware fresh sardine with garlic mayo can produce the most uplifting effect!! Just need to convince the judges of there artistic merit Will work on this project seriously as soon as I get home!
A fine day here 27 C and a little puffy cloud, the weather is forecast to stay like this for the next few days so, while we are not going quite as quickly as I had hoped, we are still making reasonable progress, and I suspect that we will sped up when we get to the full on trade winds.
Dolphins just appeared next to the boat, looking for a bit of lunch I guess!
Ok I am off for an afternoon nap!
All my love!!