Music to the ears.

Sun 16 Dec 2007 13:31

So only 1253 left on the clock, 11:00 position 20.24' N and 39.42' W Wind N/E 3.
Paul is right it is a long way, before setting off my thoughts were it is only three weeks!! Somewhere, along the way over the last week and half, it suddenly dawned on me that you can't get off, okay may be a bit slow of me however... After weeks of agonising over preparations, it has all come together; provisioning is fine (to much if anything), water is plenty we are still on the first tank and Paul is starting to relax and not scoulling so much every time a tap is turned on, Vera vane is marvelous and doing most of the steering, we all now have our sea legs, Paul has done a grand job navigating and okay the wind has been up and down, but we are over the 1000 miles. The biggest obstacle for me is the head and keeping focused ie it is only another 9/10 days less if we are lucky and the kids seem to have mastered that one. It's interesting that, prior to the trip, we had had discussions with Kate and Molly about crossing the Atlantic and on occasions the last six months have been punctuated with I don't want to do the three week crossing. Now having gone past the 1000 milestone, both Kate and Molly announced that they would not have made such fuss if they had known it was going to be like this!!! However the boat does rather resemble a giant 10 year olds play pen, with drawings and teddies all over the place. As real sailors they have both now taken to sleeping in bunks with lee cloths, rather than in the fore peak, which now resembles a storage cupboard, but hey it works!!
St Lucia here we come!!!
PS The sardine, can't make it out!!
It is my sardine, I know where it is!!
I cannot make out the snake, the goat, the naked dancing girls or the Fiesta XR2 but I bet they are there in the constellations, somewhere!!
Feeling much more positive now we appear to have found some consistent winds to blow us down towards St Lucia, our 24 hour run today was about 132 miles which is a much better average speed, and would see us home and dry before the tea bags run out, although fags are at a critical level with only about 30 left, cannot decide to ration them  to thee a day or smoke the lot in a frenzy of nicotine and then withdraw suddenly. If anybody is passing with a spare 200 please drop them off.
Trying to snooze in the cockpit last night on watch, with my kitchen timer to wake me every 15 minutes,  and was wildly desireous of cwtching up in lovely white cotton sheets in a big flat bed that does not roll around of it's own accord. Eventually tied myself down and  this helped keep me in one place.  
Going to try and crack astro navigation over the next few days, Meridian Passage for our Assumed Poition is at around 14:36 UT.