Global Heatwave Hits Ramsgate.

Sat 30 Jun 2007 23:09

Saturday 30th June

Location: Ramsgate

Weather: Rain, Wind, Rain Wind and More Rain and Wind. Then it really started raining!!!!!!

'A 101 things to do in Ramsgate whilst waiting for a weather window' is coming along a treat! It includes:

  • Wondering around Ramsgate shopping in the rain; or  
  • Sitting in Cafe Nero using the WiFi internet connection; or
  • Searching for sail control blocks in the faint hope that one day we may leave Thanet: or
  • Looking at the battery monitor to see if the solar panels put out any power at all in the currrent gloom: or 
  • Being dazzled by the shear magnificence and beauty of the place (and the people occupying this corner of the world); or
  • Taking a trip to the local cinema to watch the new Shrek, and try and ignore the teenagers who are there to hang out, rather than watch;or
  • Discussing the rain with the locals and the impact of global warming; or
  • Perhaps cuddle up with the kids in the aft cabin, drinking hot chocolate and reading Dr. Who.
Thats what we have been up to today and it looks as if we will be doing this until at least Thursday of next week, so if anyone has any bright ideas about activities or indeed places to visit around here, please let us know! Even the crabs in the harbour are fed up with being caught by Kate and Molly, we have been here so long that we know some of the crabs by name.

Molly and Kate made two friends today, Jack and Harry. Jack and Harry are keen fishermen and they all spent a couple of hours this morning catching crabs and a 6lb mullet! Whats particularly exciting about the mullet, is that they caught it with a piece of bread, photographic evidence of this will be available in due course. The four of them were completely oblivious to the rain and all seemed very pleased with the catch, it was our very own Swallows and Amazon.

People did joke with us before we left that we were just taking a year off to spend it in Ramsgate! I truly hope that there are no dark forces at play to make sure that this is what we end up doing (see how the mind works when you are exposed to not stop rain on a boat). No offense to Ramsgate, and the good people of Ramsgate, but I think we are all ready to go. We know that there is life outside of Ramsgate, now keen to experience it!

From all on Jigsaw (stair rods outside) we bid you goodnight.