Thu 20 Dec 2007 13:03
18.14N 48.36W still heading SW and the trade winds are not full on at all, producing slower progress than anticipated at this stage. 
We webfooted types are still ploughing our lonely furrow across the broad briney sea. No whales, dolphins, or duck billed platypus, for a day or two, luckily lots of sea to look at, and delightful pixies and mermaids to talk to.
I reckon we get to land some time on Boxing Day. Currently got about 736 to go and with this wind, around 10-15 knots, we seem to be doing around 120-130 a day, so unless the breeze picks up for  few days, which my forecast from USGrib says it will not, we are having our tin of corned beef for Xmas Dinner. Still planning a landfall in St Lucia, and will stay there a few days to freshen up before heading out. My plan, at present, is to then hit Martinique for a day or two, to reprovision, before heading down south to Genada, St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Been hearing from friends who are already in St Lucia and they appear to be having fun, we want to join the party, but being fashionably late as usual.
Are we there yet?????????