Boulogne or bust!!

Tue 25 Dec 2007 13:26
15.00N 58.00W soon come!!!
As skipper I have made an executive decision to head for Boulogne instead of St Lucia, I have not told the crew yet, but, the boat is now heading non stop to NE France where will will arrive in early February. This is my Christmas pressy to the crew, I know how delighted they will be to get the chance to remain at sea  for another six weeks, particularly as we get the chance to sail upwind for a month or so. The lack of water, gas and diesel will be the sort of challenge that I know my crew will relish, if not actively enjoy so I am confident that they will thank me profusely for this idea. Although we are only about 160 miles from St Lucia, and would have got there sometime on Boxing Day, by the time we get to the Azores they will understand.
Major massive moon made me miss my muse!
Feeling: devilish, deviant, dodgy, delightful, daring, debonair, decadent, dainty, dandy, dazzling, delirious, delayed, delectable, delicate, delicious,  (and gorgeous!). 
Christmas morning on board Jigsaw, started with the early arising of Kate and Molly. A route through the christmas stockings and then onto the main present, which was a canoe this caused much excitement, but alas they (or Paul, Ian and I) will not get to try it out for a couple of days! Santa's arrival was most interesting apparently, the raindeers can stand on water, isn't that amazing. This came from Brendan the navigator who also discovered the famous Sardine constellation!!
We are skipping full blown christmas lunch (that is the stuff of dreams) as the fish and the albatross have evaded us. However, not to miss out completely, I have a secret stash of bacon so we will have a christmas brunch of; bacon, egg, beans, fried potatoe and fried bread, all good for the heart...we may even go wild and have some of the left over curry from last night (which by the way, was delicious spinach, lentils and butternut squash)!!!
As for matters boaty, we had to motor most of yesterday but managed to switch off at about 10 yesterday evening...much to the relief of everyone on board. We have had light winds throughout the night and progress is slow, but steady!!!
St Lucia here we come!!
Happy Christmas to you all.