No Wind

Sun 23 Dec 2007 16:37
Noon pos 16.17N 54.40W. Slow day!!
aaahh and again I say aaahh (hair pulling, stomping of feet and all that). The frustration of to little wind is becoming tiresome. We have the spinniker out and have now resorted to standing on the foredeck blowing at the sails and it looks likes the  dull drone of the engine is higly likely if we are to make anything above 6 knots. Although ... as I type this the wind had just picked up and wait for it 6 knots yesssss! Pardon me for the above drival, always knew that this would be the most frustrating bit, 365 to go and it seems to take for ages!!!!

It's not a white christmas we are dreaming of but:
Kate and Molly are dreaming of the feel of grass under foot and being able to swim  or run!!!
Ian is dreaming of a pint (or a few) of very cold larger/s and a steady table upon which to rest them on.
I am dreaming of a decent shower, clean clothes and a walk.
Paul is dreaming of a meal cooked for the crew no washing up and a steady table where the plates stay in one position.
On the positive:
We have a beautiful full moon, which lights our way for most of the night however... this does mean that alas Paul's Sardine has gone of the radar
Bye for know
I know where my Sardine is!!!!! Precious is my  Sardine!
I was up all night with the moon, and then had the wonderful luck to see the full moon set, and the sun rise, all within 30 minutes. An amazing level of organisation.