Outer Harbour

Wed 4 Jul 2007 22:24

Wednesday 4th July 2007

Location Ramsgate (however moved to the outer harbour for the oft)

'101 things to do in Ramsgate whilst waiting for a weather window' Now includes:

  • Getting the boat ready for the oft – fantastic

Preparing the rigging, we now have preventer's rigged for the main and mizzen sail, we have located appropriate places for the solar panels to maximize power input and we have got the boat ship shape ready to explore the open seas (I feel good). Our destination is France, we will be calling at at Gravelines to visit Lidl's a wonderful shop which is located 25yrds from the visitors pontoon and full of very reasonably priced supplies to maintain body and soul!

Unfortunately we have Westerlies forecast for the next few days, which means that our trip down the channel will probably be done by motor rather than sail and will be nose to wind most of the way. However, this journey is somewhat more comfortable on the French side as it offers a bit more shelter.

Having spent a week in the inner harbour waiting to go it is a delight to be situated in the outer harbour with the alarm set for an early morning call, it feels like our trip has really begun even though we have only gone 300yrds.